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BMS Direct, Inc., creators of the petztrack system, provides comprehensive invoice processing services and marketing solutions that deliver cost-effective communications to your constituents.

As a one-stop solution for municipalities and corporations, BMS Direct offers a full line of services—from graphic design and printing to complete mailing and fulfillment.

Municipalities count on us to meet their needs.

BMS Direct understands municipalities like no other. With more than 40 years of partnership, expert analysis and delivering business solutions for billing and invoice processing, we have a reputation for providing unparalleled customer service. When it comes to pet licensing, we understand both the compliance requirements and revenue implications for municipalities.

BMS Direct developed the petztrack software out of an evident need for a complete pet licensing and pet tracking solution for municipalities. By coupling the petztrack software with BMS Direct’s mailing capabilities, municipalities can now efficiently manage their workflow and enhancing employee productivity.

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